About Us

Eshnav Information Systems, with more than 20 years of experience, specializes in several unique software solutions for complementary IT infrastructure. These include data protection, virtualization, storage management, availability, and security for critical IT processes.
In the field of data protection, Eshnav primarily distributes and implements solutions based on IBM products, led by Spectrum Protect (formerly known as Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM). We provide Spectrum Protect to our clients either under the terms of an individual Spectrum Protect business license or for purchase as part of the ETERNAL package, which includes a package of data protection solutions and a service-level agreement.
For ETERNAL customers (or distributors), our competitive and attractive commercial offering includes personalized attention from a team of specialists. Our personnel make it their business to meet your needs end-to-end, providing professional guidance on protecting your data from design to implementation, as well as ongoing support.
Our experienced team members attend continuing education and training seminars internationally, in order to maintain unparalleled expertise in our field of business. This also means that our personnel are professionals of the highest caliber.

In addition to ETERNAL and IBM’s data protection solutions, Eshnav also markets and implements the following software solutions:
  • Rocket Software’s Servergraph, a provider of shell software for TSM and other backup and storage management solutions. Servergraph is the best solution on the market for real-time reporting, as well as providing fault prediction capabilities, a management console for controlling the backup software, and reports that can be tailored to customer specifications.
  • Systems produced by the Stratus and Continuity Software companies for the prevention of application disruptions. These systems provide very high availability and significant downtime prevention, allowing companies to maximize the capabilities of their applications. This, in turn, results in savings in resources, time and money. The systems are operational after a single, simple installation. And they come with a centralized management interface, making operating and monitoring the product easy for the user.